What we do

LMQ is a specialist training consultancy with particular expertise in developing trainers and in human factors. We develop standards and training programmes for flight crew, technical crew, engineers, cabin crew and air traffic controllers to help these operators to perform even more effectively and safely. Our Core Course and Command Course have received wide acclaim and given both new and experienced trainers valuable experience.

LMQ consultants have played a core role in providing advice and guidance to both UK and European government regulators on improving training standards in these subjects.

How we do it

- Our training methods are very different from those found in typical Instructor Training or CRM/Human Factors programmes, for example we rarely use any powerpoint slides.

- We develop our own theories, models and techniques based on the many thousands of hours of discussion that we have been fortunate to have had with front line operators

- We keep things simple and understandable.

- We listen very carefully to feedback and remove anything that either doesn't work or is overly complicated.

Why is this?

There are three main reasons:-

- Experience. We have trained several thousand pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, cabin crew and other operational staff in both commercial and military organisations.

- Experience. Although the overall structure of our courses is consistent, our method of training means that every course is different, and therefore we have dealt with a wide and varied selection of ideas, comments, criticisms and behaviours.

- Experience. Our consultants have decades of practical experience in their area of expertise.

Aviation courses

Course details Duration Next availability

Core Course

Teaching & Learning module for TRIs, Line Trainers and SFIs.
5 On demand Learn more Enquire

Advanced Facilitation Course

For experienced instructors to upgrade their training skills particularly for Competence Based Training
3 Days On demand Learn more Enquire

Command Upgrade Course

For potential and new captains to be fully prepared to develop their captaincy skills
3 Days On demand Learn more Enquire

CRM Recurrent Course

Re current CRM training for operators
As required On demand Learn more Enquire

Competence Based Training Instructor Course

To develop enhanced instructional skills to prepare trainers for successful implementation of a programme such as EBT
3 Days On demand Learn more Enquire