Advanced Facilitation Course


The aim is for instructors to develop the enhanced ability to effectively train pilot competencies particularly in managing human factors issues and developing non-techncial skills.


 By the end of the course instructor trainees will:

 ·     Understand Competence Based Training (CBT).

·     Review how people learn, learning styles and learning process.

·     Be clear on pilot competencies and how to assess them.

·     Be able to use different training techniques.

·     Transfer information and key messages effectively and efficiently.

·     Understand the subject of human factors and behavior.

·     Learn how to manage non-technical issues on training sessions.

·     Be able to manage difficult situations and people effectively.

·     Be able to facilitate attitude change and skill development.

·     Develop skills to give and receive constructive criticism and praise.

·     Refine their observation and debriefing skills.

·     Have personal awareness and know how to continuously develop their own training skills.


 This is a powerful course that is intended to develop a clear but practical understanding of the learning process and the critical importance for CBT of the role of an instructor in providing an effective training environment. The course is very interactive, fluid and perhaps unfamiliar as the use of presentations, lectures and scripted material is minimal. Theory at all times is supported by practical evidence, although our trainers rely on delegates’ personal experience to validate the content. Delegates have the opportunity to facilitate exercises and debrief sessions, which are filmed so that they can receive feedback on their performance from both the trainers and their fellow delegates.

Course details

3 Days
Next availability
On demand
Individual = £950 Groups up to a max of 10 trainees = £7500
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