CRM Recurrent Course

This course is tailor made to operator's requirements using unique modules and theories.

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As required
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£250 per person per day £1200 per day for groups up to 15
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Aviation courses

Course details Duration Next availability Enquire

Core Course

Teaching & Learning module for TRIs, Line Trainers and SFIs.
5 On demand Enquire

Advanced Facilitation Course

For experienced instructors to upgrade their training skills particularly for Competence Based Training
3 Days On demand Enquire

Command Upgrade Course

For potential and new captains to be fully prepared to develop their captaincy skills
3 Days On demand Enquire

CRM Recurrent Course

Re current CRM training for operators
As required On demand Enquire

Competence Based Training Instructor Course

To develop enhanced instructional skills to prepare trainers for successful implementation of a programme such as EBT
3 Days On demand Enquire