Patient Safety Training


 To develop safer working practices through the development of patient safety core competencies


 By the end of the training delegates will have:-

 § Recognised the need for Patient Safety Training

§ Agreed Patient Safety Standards to which healthcare professions and teams should work.

§ Developed skills to enable them to facilitate healthcare professionals and teams to practice within the agreed Patient Safety Standards.

§ Understood how errors are made and how the impact can be reduced.

§ Understood types of behaviour and why people choose them.

§ Developed techniques for managing difficult situations and relationships.

§ Developed better communications skills.

§ Understood the subject of body language and its importance.

§ Understood the incident reporting process.

§ Become more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses against the PST standards.

Course details

2 Days
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On demand
£250 per person or £2000 for groups up to 15.
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